My name is Mason, I'm twenty. I do things and I talk to people. You might like the things I say if you talk to me. I live an odd life.



Got all my shit out of my house guys(and gals) figured ill stay in the Tampa area for now. Live in crawling distance to the bayshore odd people running club. Well, really just a really long sidewalk.

I sign a lease tomorrow! Hello new home


I’m 14 years old and i listen to led zeppelin only. only the band Led , zeppelin. i will liste off the albums released by led zeppelin, i am only 14 years but i can do this, becausei  listen to “led zeppelin”. led zellpelin 1, led zepellin 2, 3, 4, houses of the holy, led zeppelin, this band i know but i am 14. Led zeppelin is a band i listen to but i am much younger than other people who listen to led zeppelin. 14 years old